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Nestor Mogollon’s Visit to Damascus

Nestor Mogollon, the Monitoring and Evaluation Director from ADRA International, made a field trip Damascus from June 5-10, 2017.  During his stay, Nestor was able to visit Jeremana and 5 to 6 apartments that were rehabilitated through the Initiatives for Transitional Assistance for Shelter (ITAS) project.  While there, he inspected the quality of workmanship, interviewed beneficiaries and took notes for the new WASI project start-up workshop.

Nestor met with the ADRA Syria team to discuss indicators for the  ITAS project, the social forms and data collection. Each social team member explained the process of data collection, data entry and analysis.  In addition, Nestor conducted a workshop to identify issues and successes of the ITAS project and lessons learned. Both the technical and social teams, as well as the field coordinators and the project manager, participated in the workshop.


Posted: June 12, 2017