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Child Friendly Space (Completed)


Conflicts in Middle East continues unabated, causing a lot of refugees. Children are the most adversely affected victims of the conflict. They are increasingly exposed to abuse and suffer from inadequate education opportunities among other things. Displaced boys and girls, including adolescents, desperately need access to education in a protective environment where life and cognitive skills can be developed to enable them to heal from psychosocial distress and return to a sense of normality. The proposed project by ADRA Kurdistan helped to ensure vulnerable children between the ages of 3-17 could access a quality learning environment where protection needs are met. The proposed activities targeted 350 children living in the Kawergosk Camp in Erbil – Kurdistan, a Syrian Refugee Camp in Iraq. Activities included providing child friendly spaces and providing community based early childhood education and non-formal education. Also included in the proposed activities is the provision of a daily nutritional meal to children accessing the Center and a one off winterization distribution to all children in Camp.