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Protection Intervention & Community Support (Completed)


Through the Protection Intervention & Community Support (PICS) Project, ADRA Kurdistan has offered assistance to many IDPs in Baharka Camp. The camp is located on the outskirts of Erbil, Kurdistan and home to over 700 IDP families. The PICS project has developed several activities to help the IDPs adjust to their new environment. For the children, the project provides informal education and recreational activities. There is also a variety of programs for adults, such as hygiene awareness sessions, language training, and small grants to help start businesses. PICS Project implemented Informal Education to the IDP Pre-School Children also Children Protection Services through creating a friendly space and performing the recreational activities.
Mothers and women have expressed their appreciation to ADRA after receiving the Health and Awareness Sessions as well as Social Counseling. ADRA activities especially for the Health and Hygiene Sessions have put away the misconceptions that the sickness or illness only to be shared with family members and no one else. ADRA has given a change and bring a healthy family life and better interactions within the IDP Community as well as with Host Communities.