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SACCON (Completed)

Shelter Assistance for Communities affected by CONflict (SACCON)


The SACCON project aimed at increasing the resilience of vulnerable Syrian families through private/collective shelter upgrade, repair of damaged sewage network and the provision of garbage bins. The areas of intervention were the Rural Damascus neighborhoods of Jeramana, Harjella, Husseniya, Katana and Jdeidat Yabous. The project rehabilitated the sewage network in Husseniya for returnees. This involved repair of the main sewage pipes as well as connecting apartments to the network. As part of the private/collective shelter upgrade, the project carried out main building rehabilitation which included securing open spaces, installing doors and windows, electrical systems and provision/rehabilitation of WASH facilitates.

The SACCON project, which was successfully completed in December 2016, benefited 1,950 individuals with private/collective shelter upgrades; 41,275 people through sewage network repair and 16,800 through the distribution of public garbage bins, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 60,025.