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SASI 2016 (Completed)

Shelter Assistance to Syrian IDPs (SASI 2016)


The Shelter Assistance to Syrian IDPs (SASI 2016) project aimed to provide emergency options through shelter and infrastructure established, improved and maintained through rehabilitation of private shelter upgrade and owner-orientated response. Further, due to the large number of schools damaged or that have been used as collective shelters, the project aimed to strengthen the protection of children and to allow access to formal education through rehabilitation of schools and provision of prefabricated classrooms.

In 2016, the SASI project benefited a total of 1,657 households in Rural Damascus for private shelter upgrade and 219 householdons in Rural Damascus and Homs for the repair of damaged houses which enabled IDPs to return to their homes. In addition, the SASI 2016 project repaired 118 classrooms which now serve 4,785 children.