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Winter Assistance for Refugees in Mt Lebanon


The proposed intervention is aimed at reducing vulnerability to harsh winter conditions through cash for winter assistance. The project aims to supplement the ability of the most vulnerable communities, particularly persons displaced from Syria, to meet their survival needs. The project also aims to reduce negative coping strategies, particularly for women and girls by providing much needed financial resources. The cash assistance proposed will be disbursed through E-cards. Refugees themselves frequently express a preference for financial assistance, which enables them to have the power to choose thus retaining some dignity for them. Both Syrian refugees and local Lebanese affected by the conflict find themselves with very limited resources for essential winter items to adequately protect themselves from rain, snow and freezing temperatures. The financial assistance received will go towards purchasing winter items such as warm clothing, blankets, heaters and heating fuel and 280 households will be targeted. The project locations are Baocheriye, Dekoune, Fanar and Bourj Hammoud in the El Metn district of Mt. Lebanon.

Duration: 21 December 2016 - 21 April 2016