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YFS – Youth Friendly Space.


This non-formal education project will help refugee youths offering English classes, Music classes, Computer Training classes, which will boost their professional and language skills, so that they may have higher change to get a job in the future. The  project  approach  ensures  that  not  only  are  the  youth  keeping  up  with their  studies,  but  also  that they are safe and happy after they leave school, especially important given the increase in the numbers of working children among impoverished families. Also ADRA YFS provide sports classes to entertain the youth and make their day full of activities, to avoid they stay in home for long periods. The  target  group  is  360  vulnerable  youth  aged  12-17  years  old,  living in  Kawergosk  Camp,  and  8  staff hired  also  from  the  camp.  In  an effort  to  ensure  equal  access  to  services  for  both girls  and  boys,  the proposed project will target 50/50 girls and boys for child protection interventions.