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The ADRA MENA team consists of both national and international staff serving in six countries in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to the dedicated and skilled national staff of the six country offices (Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia and the Kurdish Region of Iraq), the MENA region is privileged to have international staff members from a variety of countries including Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe.

Although each country office independently implements projects and provides assistance to those in need, they are linked through a shared language, culture and history. These similarities have been capitalized on by the ADRA MENA Regional Office to build a sense of partnership and unity between the country offices through regional workshops, exchange visits and the development of strong personal connections.

ADRA MENA considers the staff as its capital assets and invests time and resources into building a strong, unified and qualified team in the region. This approach has enhanced the cooperation and coordination between the country offices and improved programming and projects across the region.